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If you’re looking for a unique way to see the sights on the Hudson River, including Bear Mountain, Croton-on-Hudson or West Point, power around on our luxury motor yacht MAVERICK — enjoy swim, sun & paddleboarding!

Private powerboat rentals on the Hudson River

Hudson River Boat Rentals and Cruises in Haverstraw, NY

Climb aboard your motor yacht, Maverick, and enjoy an energetic day of speed, swim and sports on the Hudson River at Haverstraw. Maverick is a brand-new, sparkling Beneteau Flyer 9: A 30-foot powerboat, with twin 250hp engines, fully equipped for up to six guests to enjoy the gorgeous views of the upper Hudson.

Welcome aboard your private powerboat: Maverick

Maverick features multiple entertaining and lounging spaces, outside in the back cockpit and up on her sundeck on the front bow.  Equipped with a mini kitchen and full bathroom, Maverick allows you to relax in comfort and convenience on the water.

Brand-new motor yacht: The hottest on the Hudson!


We welcome you aboard with a selection of complimentary bottled water and soda. 

Bring your own snacks and alcoholic beverages. We have plates. cups, utensils.

Refreshments on us

byob alcohol & food

Includes US Coast Guard-licensed Captain; please consider a tip of 12-15%.


Fuel is included in the cruise experiences on our menu. Quotes available for special trips.



Speed, swim & sports

Maverick has two sleek paddleboards (SUPs) for you to enjoy while at anchor.


Extended terrace offers easy access to water for swimming, SUPs, and our unicorn float!



Maverick is a brand-new powerful motor yacht, a Beneteau Flyer 9, maxed out with twin 250 hp engines for you to experience the thrill of boating. With multiple lounging areas, including shade when you need it, Maverick hosts six guests.

With a full bathroom and kitchen, Maverick allows you to cruise in comfort. We welcome you with bottled water and sodas and invite you to bring your own snacks and beverages (BYOB). 

Fast, spacious and impeccably clean, with multiple lounging areas

Marvel at Maverick: Photo Gallery

"This is the best of the best sailing companies in NY, based on my experience. If you are looking for something magical and wonderful you should absolutely choose Sailing Islander. I was just speechless - the team is so professional they will make you feel like you are in a Hollywood movie."


"You guys are the best of the best"

All cruises are private & exclusive to you (up to 6 total passengers)

We provide a selection of bottled water/soda. Guests are welcome to bring their own food and beverages (BYOB); Includes fun sailor hats for the kids and a Sailing Islander tote bag for the host! 

Pickups in Westchester or Rockland: Croton-on-Hudson or W. Haverstraw

We can arrange to pick you up on either side of the Hudson River at either Half Moon Bay Marina in Croton-on-Hudson, NY or at The Hudson Water Club in West Haverstraw, New York.

Weekend dates, sunsets and holidays go very quickly! Don't miss out on your special date. If your plans change, you can cancel with a full refund 14 days or more in advance of your cruise!

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what to know: 

How It Works

Chose your experience, date and time. Book your special date before someone else does!


You will receive an instant email confirmation. Your spot is locked in. Inform your lucky guests!


48 hours before your charter, you will receive a personal email with Captain contact details. It's go time!


We do pickups in Westchester at Half Moon Bay Marina in Croton-on-Hudson. In West Haverstraw, NY we do pickups at the Hudson Water Club.

Parking is free at both locations. Upon arrival, give our Captain a call and they will greet you and escort you to Maverick!

Where do I bring my Crew to board my private powerboat?

All Aboard Maverick!

We do pickups in Westchester at Half Moon Bay Marina and in W. Haverstraw at The Hudson Water Club


"Time flies by as you enjoy the thrill of Maverick. The Hudson scenery is epic and we loved the relaxing time at anchor with the sunset slipping away."




"The serenity of the sights up here on the Hudson are truly unique! The boat was perfect, Captain was amazing - I didn't want the day to end!"





There are only 24 Saturday sunsets and 24 Sunday swim spots available each season!

If your date is special, better book it now!

How much does it cost?

Our cruising experiences are tailored to a variety of budgets, starting as low as $400 for 1 hour. We offer a number of exciting experiences, depending on what you want to see and do (activities  include swim & paddleboard) and how much time you book. See our pricing for details.

Maverick/Powerboat: Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be sharing the boat with other people?

Never! We only host private charters - Maverick is exclusive to just you and your five lucky VIP guests (6 crew in total). We don’t offer “per person” individual "tickets" to fill our boat. Maverick is exclusively yours and yours alone!

Where do I meet the boat to get onboard?

We provide an email confirmation with all necessary details at your booking - as well as an email the day before your charter with your Captain’s name and number.  For driving or via Uber, please set your GPS to 600 Beach Rd., West Haverstraw, NY - to reach the marina parking lot.
Parking is free at the Marina. Upon arrival, give our Captain a call and they will greet you at the main marina building (Gray structure with black gate) and escort you to Maverick! Optional pickups are available in Westchester, NY at Half Moon Bay Marina in Croton-on-Hudson for $150 charge for dockage & added fuel (add option at checkout).

What if I am late for my tour?

Guests are requested to arrive 10-15 minutes early for their tour to ensure an on-time departure. Any amount of time you are late for your charter start will reduce your booked time. For example, if you book a 2-hour cruise experience and are 30 minutes late, we can only make the duration of the voyage 1 hour and 30 minutes. This policy is created with respect to keeping other tours on time for guests later in the day. Please keep in touch with your Captain if you are running late.

Is there a bathroom I can use on the boat?

Absolutely! A full bathroom is onboard for your convenience. Unlike some other charters, we appreciate that when you have to go, you have to go :) and we don’t want you to be uncomfortable at any point during your cruise. Ours is a modern marine toilet, not a port-a-potty like on other boats.

Should I tip the Captain?

They truly appreciate that! A gratuity (12-15%) for excellent service is common for private charters - and, moreover, very appreciated by our hard-working crew. If our Captain has delighted you with an excellent experience, they will be grateful for a tip! You can either add to booking in advance or cash is always welcome!

What is the cancellation policy?

You may cancel up to 14 days before the tour date to receive a 100% refund. Cancellations made less than 14 days before tour date will not be refunded. Operator cancellation, due to severe inclement weather or mechanical issues, will be rebooked/rescheduled at no additional charge through October 31 - or refunded. Read our detailed weather policy (below), as Operator - not guest - will make the judgment on inclement weather cancellations. We make this call the day of your charter. 

What if the weather is bad or rainy during the day/night of my cruise?

The Captain (and only the Captain) will make the call as to whether a tour is cancelled due to inclement weather. We will proactively reach out to you the day of your cruise (we do not make calls in advance of that). We do continue to cruise in hot, humid weather. As for rain, we want your experience on Maverick to be exceptional - and thus we would never go out in the rain. If we need to make a call to cancel due to weather, we are happy to rebook/reschedule the cruise by October 31 - or you can chose to refund. If the National Weather Service declares a small craft advisory, or if we otherwise expect excessive wind or rain, we reserve the right to cancel a tour for the safety of our guests. Weather calls are made day of charter.

Where does Maverick cruise to?

Maverick can go wherever you like in the region of the Hudson River, North as far as Kingston, NY or South as far as NYC - it’s really up to you! We offer a number of suggested destinations and experiences, as well as associated timings and prices, for your consideration. But if you have a specific experience in mind, just reach out for pricing. On Maverick, we customize our cruise, so if you want to spend more time in and around a particular spot, just let the Captain know.

Is boating safe? Do I need to wear a life jacket?

Leisure boating is a very safe activity, happily enjoyed by thousands of people around the world! With a basic level of common sense, you can relax and confidently enjoy your time on Maverick, even sitting up on the front bow, which we encourage! Maverick is a very safe and secure, modern powerboat with all the conveniences of the latest technology, and is fully equipped with all US Coast Guard safety equipment. Moreover, Maverick's Captains are highly experienced, with a USCG Master license and thousands of hours boating. Your cruising experience will begin with a brief, but important, safety review of essential precautions. Lifejackets are available/provided for all guests - but they are REQUIRED by New York state law for children age 12 and under.

Can I play my own music?

Nothing goes better than pairing your favorite music with your fun cruise - play whatever you wish! Maverick is equipped with an upgraded sound system and you can Bluetooth directly to our system, which will play your music outside in the cockpit as well as on the front bow, when lounging.

Can I smoke on the boat?

We invite you to have a smoke on the docks before boarding Maverick, as smoking of any kind is NOT permitted on Maverick. Additionally, Maverick has a zero tolerance policy for drugs of any kind. This includes usage by those in possession of a medical marijuana card, which will still not permit drug use aboard Maverick. The US Coast Guard does not recognize any flexibility to this rule, regardless of state law. We will immediately return to the dock and conclude the cruise if drugs are discovered aboard - with no refund for time not used.

Can I bring my dog aboard?

We love dogs (and cats!) but no animals of any kind are permitted on Maverick for their safety.

Can children come cruising?

Absolutely: We even give complimentary Sailor’s hats to all “Mini Crew of Maverick” and invite you to take a fun photo of them while they enjoy “driving” the boat! Children will thrill with the experience of boating on Maverick! We love children and welcome them warmly, however in the case of all small children, it is of course essential that parents/guardians monitor them at all times, in particular, moving about the boat. Lifejackets are required for children age 12 and under, by state law.

Can I take photos while underway?

You will be cruising past some beautiful sights - we invite you can take as many photos as you wish! There will be plenty of Instagram-worthy moments as we go along and/or while at anchor - we encourage photos and the Captain is happy to help out with any fun group shots when at anchor! 

Why is there a maximum of six passengers permitted?

The US Coast Guard prohibits passenger boats of Maverick's size from carrying more than six passengers (in addition to the Crew) at any time. This applies to most private boat charters. There are larger boats available (per ticket, by person), taking hundreds of guests at once, but you lose the intimacy and exclusivity of having your own private tour and will often encounter the crowded experience - from which we want to take you away during our relaxing boating excursions. So treat yourself and up to five more family and friends to this iconic private cruising experience!

What kind of food can I bring on Maverick?

We welcome you to bring whatever snacks and beverages you wish (BYOB). We encourage you to think “picnic-style” for your food choices - finger foods and snacks that can be easily eaten on a moving boat. Large tinfoil food trays are not permitted due to space and the fact they will fall. Simple foods are best. We provide a small refrigerator and drinkware. We also provide a complimentary selection of bottled water and sodas for every charter. If you wish to bring ice, you can purchase it at the marina office.

Can I bring alcohol onboard?

You are welcome to bring any alcoholic drinks (BYOB) as you wish. The exception is no red wine, due to the high potential of stain damage while drinking on the moving water! We provide a small refrigerator and drinkware with lids. Please note, the Captain will request ID from guests, as needed - no drinking is permitted by anyone under age 21. We reserve the right to suspend the cruise if you engage in any unsafe behavior while drinking.

Will I get sea sick?

Feeling seasick during a short charter along the Hudson River is rare for our guests. However, depending on other boat traffic and weather, it will not be “smooth as glass.” You can expect to feel movement. If you are prone to motion sickness, we recommend Dramamine, or a similar type medication, available at drug stores all over the city. Or you may wish to purchase the “Sea Band” online. It is important to take the medication in advance of boarding - meaning BEFORE you get to the tour. These medications do not work if you take it “in the moment,” after you begin to feel sick.

Should I wear any special clothes for boating?

No special clothes are required for boating - though we will ask you to remove your shoes upon boarding and wear just socks or go barefoot, that’s the Maverick way! Just make yourself comfortable. We have space (bathroom) for one person at a time to change into swimsuits. Depending on weather, we of course encourage appropriate jackets, or sweaters/ sweatshirts. We provide cozy blankets for use outdoors, should it be chilly.

Can I swim in the water from the boat?

Absolutely! There are several areas we can make as your destination for swimming, depending on the cruise and time booked for the day. We will anchor so you can swim. We also have two standup paddleboards and a fun unicorn float you may wish to enjoy as well! Please request in your booking form.

I loved my experience! Can I give the gift of boating on Maverick to someone else?

Yes! We agree - a boating experience is the perfect gift! Consider a gift certificate for that newlywed couple, or as a special surprise to help someone celebrate a milestone occasion, such as an anniversary or birthday. You can tailor the gift to any amount, or purchase a fixed experience from our menu of options. See our pricing page for selection and purchase.

Wait - I have other questions!

Great! I have answers! Please just reach out to me on email or text us at 646.866.8549. I am happy to address any questions you have :)

Cruise with the only woman-owned yachting charter in NYC & on the Hudson River!

I'm Jessica, owner of Sailing Islander! I'm dedicated to ensuring you enjoy the serenity of SAILING in NYC - or the thrill of POWERBOATING on the Hudson River - on the classiest yachts & with top service: An experience which you can be proud to host for your friends and family! 

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